We can use the online Experience Estimator tool to measure your latency to the nearest control-plane location (as described above) – without deploying a host pool.

Video Walk-through

The tool is web-based and can be found here

The tool measures to the nearest control-plane the latency and as well from the control-plane to the (over the Azure backbone) Azure datacenter region you select to deploy your host pools in.

Note: Round-trip (RTT) latency from the client’s network to the Azure region where host pools have been deployed should be less than 150 ms. The tool below will soon be transported to Azure front-door. 

Community tool

Community Rockstar – and Microsoft MVP – Bram Wolfs created not so long ago the Connection Experience Indicator for RDS & WVD.  The tool supports both Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). The tool does require that you have a WVD host pool running on Azure because the tool is active on the session host. 

Read more about it here.

This tool does the following:

  • Support users by pointing out issues that affects the user experience
  • Reduce the number of help desk calls related to user experience issues
  • Show notifications about the latency to the virtual desktop. Notify when the latency is good and warn when latency is high or very high
  • Show notifications about the available bandwidth. Notify when the available bandwidth is good and warn when the available bandwidth is weak or poor
    Integrated in the Windows 10 notification center
  • Integrated in the taskbar and when you click on the icon a small window will be shown that provides real-time information about the connection to the virtual desktop
  • Single exe (no installation required) can be easily started with login script or other mechanism
  • The tool can be configured with parameters so it can be adjusted to your environment (please find all settings below)

Please click here to download the latest version of the Connection Experience Indicator for RDS & WVD.


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