The process of publishing applications has become easier as well. First you must create a application group based on Remote app as type.

Video Walk-through


  • Go to the Application groups part of the WVD Hub, and click on Add
  • Select a Resource Group, then select your Host pool, and then in Application group type select RemoteApp and give this group of applications a name.
  • Click on Next: Assignments.
  • In here you can optionally add users or groups to the Application Group. If you don’t add them now you will have to assign this Application Group to users later in order for them to see them.
  • Click on + Add Azure AD users or users groups and you will see the standard AAD user picker menu.
  • Choose some users or groups to publish these applications to.
  • Click on Next: Applications

This is where we select applications to be added to this Application Group. Out of the box there are two methods to find applications: The Start menu and finding the exe file in the file system aka File Path 

Note:  at least one VM in the Host Pool needs to be powered on and accessible for this section to work as it requires to talk to a VM to grab the icons from the application selected.
  • Click on + Add applications and select Start menu in the Application Source drop down. Then find an application you want to publish.
  • Click on Save. Applications should now be added to the Application Group.
  • Click on Next: Workspace

This is where we register this application group with a Workspace. This is optional. If you say No, you will need to later complete this assignment. Also No allows you to create Application groups prior to Workspaces and later do the registration. If you don’t have a Workspace select No and we can create one later.

  • I already have a Workspace so I select Yes.

If that Desktop Application Group didn’t exist or was not linked to this or any Workspace the Register application group would be active and allow me to select the Workspace that I wanted:

  • Click on Next: Review + Create >
  • Click on Create.

This will deploy Your Application Group and Register it to your Workspace.

Access the RemoteApp:

To run your Windows Virtual Desktop – Full Desktops or RemoteApps directly from the client and/or start menu, you must install the WVD Client.

  • Enter user that has a desktop or apps applied.
  • Click on Next
  • Enter your credentials
  • Magic! – You will be able to see the Apps you had deployed before.

You can also easily adjust existing host pools (RemoteApp) and add new Applications on the fly!

I hope the information provided was helpful.


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