Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator

AZ-104 exam candidates should have at least six months of hands-on experience administering Azure, along with a strong understanding of core Azure services, Azure workloads, security, and governance. In addition, this role should have experience using PowerShell, Azure CLI, Azure portal, and Azure Resource Manager templates.

Azure Administrator Course Introduction

Azure Active Directory

Azure AD Users & Groups

Module 01 Review Questions

Azure Subscription Management

Azure Policy

Azure Role-Bases Access Control

Module 02 Review Questions

Azure Resource Manager

Azure Portal & Cloud Shell

Azure PowerShell & CLI

ARM Templates

Module 03 Review Questions

Azure Virtual Networks

IP Addressing

Network Security Group

Azure Firewall

Azure DNS

Module 04 Review Questions

Azure Vnet Peering

Azure VPN Gateway

ExpressRoute and Virtual WAN

Module 05 Review Questions

Network Routing and Endpoints

Azure Load Balancer

Azure Application Gateway

Azure Traffic Manager

Module 06 Review Questions

Azure Storage Accounts

Azure Blob Storage

Azure Storage Security

Azure Files and FileSync

Managing Azure Storage

Module 7 Review Questions

Azure Virtual Machine Planning

Creating Virtual Machines

Virtual Machine Availability

Virtual Machine Extensions

Module 08 Review Questions

Azure App Service Plans

Azure App Services

Azure Container Services

Azure Kubernetes Services

Module 9 Review Questions

Azure Backup

Virtual Machine Backups

Module 10 Review Questions

Azure Monitor

Azure Alerts

Log Analytics

Network Watcher

Module 11 Review Questions

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1 month ago

Hi Susanth , I have just started my journey with cloud 104 video series, really finding interesting and useful, thank you Susanth for all your efforts, I will refer my friends too for this website, God Bless you abundantly

28 days ago

Hi Susanth,

Thanks a lot for the materials and videos finding it much helpful in this covid time. Keep rocking man.

27 days ago

The AZ 104 Course Provided By A Guide to Cloud is clear ,precise and very much focused toward the exam. I’ve been through the course and cleared the Exam With a very descent score.

Aneesh Jain
Aneesh Jain
27 days ago

Hi susanth, first of all i like to thank you for providing best content which had made me easy to understand the concepts and it made me easy to pass the exams.. Because of a clear concepts understanding. course is design very good.
Thank you A guide To Cloud

Abhisha Solanki
Abhisha Solanki
27 days ago

Thanks to A Guide To Cloud, your course made a study much easier with good content and hands-on lab videos.

27 days ago

Hello Susanth, Thanks so much for the cloud video series It is very clear and easy to understand. I was able to pass my AZ-104 certification with ease. You are awesome!

Alexandre Vergne
Alexandre Vergne
26 days ago

Hello Susanth !
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge in your courses, This is the gold !

I really appreciated the multiple videos, separerating subjects , allowing to easily rewatch if i don’t understand something

Have a nice day!

Shushank Garg
Shushank Garg
26 days ago

Happy to Announce that with the help of “A Guide to Cloud” study material I have successfully Passed the AZ-104 exam ,Their study materials is so knowledgeable and intresting and it help us to create picture in mind about services of azure.

26 days ago

Very useful course! Thanks for taking the time to provide this conent for free, it really helps students seeking to get a first job on this growing and exciting field of cloud computing 🙏🙏

26 days ago

Thanks for sharing your knowledge for free. Just by attending your course I was able to clear Az 104 certification.

Viplove Tyagi
Viplove Tyagi
26 days ago

I have joined this channel 3 months back. I watched Az-104 series.
The content available on ‘a guide to cloud’ is amazing.
It help me to learn fast & covered all the topics. Now I am going for Az-303 Azure Architect.
Az-104 helps me in switching a Job & my pay gt doubled. All credit goes to susanth. Now my interest gt increased due to his content on website/YouTube channel as its well presented, cover all the topics & videos are short i.e. of 15-20mintues.Due to which you will never feel bored & your interest will remain there only.
Thank a ton susanth. Keep doing great work.
God bless you. Happy learning!! 😊

Sreejesh Mohan Thettemal
26 days ago

Excellent course….Helped me pass the exam AZ104 with a good score….Would recommend this for anyone going to attempt the exam or increase the knowledge in Azure

24 days ago

Hi Susanth, I had studied AZ-104 course on, it was awesome & I was able to pass the exam easily.. more over study guide provided by you was covering all the aspects of the course. Very delighted to have it.. I will surely study other courses soon from Guide to Cloud… Thanks a lot

24 days ago

thanks a lot for the course, I really appreciate your effort. Keep up the good work amigo

Jami Susijärvi
23 days ago

Thank you for this course. I did watch full material in 3 days and in 4th day i did do study exams and later real exam that i did pass. And because of this certification i did receive also MCT certification same day. Thank you for this one and now i start with AZ-500

19 days ago

you guys are amazing am interested i like this

Manish Gaikwad
Manish Gaikwad
17 days ago

very nicely designed courses bu susanth which is very helpful for the begineers in the cloud due to its step by step topics

Damilola Elelegwu
Damilola Elelegwu
15 days ago

Thank you Susanth, for the great content it helped me understand the cloud concepts properly and I passed my Az104 exam, thanks once again.

Martin Mayom Amet
Martin Mayom Amet
14 days ago

Hello members i am an absolute beginner stranded with what and where to start.

kindly advise.

Asiya Shaikh
Asiya Shaikh
2 days ago

Thank you Susanth for this amazing training it was the only course needed to tackle this exam, here’s to continue learning everyday

What our Students Say

Thank you,
I have been following this AZ-104 playlist. And to be honest your explanation is so good.

Ahtsham Shahid

Thanks you so much for your training materials for Az-104.

Today passed my az-104 examination only by referring your videos in just 6days.🔥

Kailash Yadav

Real good work. Helped me a lot with my Az-104 exam preparation. Thank you.

Amit Bangotra

Thank God I found your channel. You make it so easy to understand and touch on every tiny points that needs to be understood.
i just passed my AZ900 in Sept...and now studying for AZ-104. Thank you!

Charity Olubunmi Adekoya

Thanks for the videos. Taking the AZ-104 exam in a couple days!


Very good work really appreciated

Mustafa Shawer

Nice explanation. Great work...well done

Mahesh K

Thank you so much, great videos.

Julie Jacob
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