Exam MS-500: Microsoft 365 Security Administration

MS-500 exam candidates should be familiar with Microsoft 365 workloads and have strong skills and experience with identity protection, information protection, threat protection, security management, and data governance. This role focuses on the Microsoft 365 environment and includes hybrid environments.

Microsoft 365 Security Administration Course Introduction

Identity & Access Management

The Zero Trust Model

IAM Solution

User Accounts & Roles

Password Management

Module 01 Knowledge Check

Plan Directory Synchronization

Manage Synchronized Identities

Azure AD Identity Protection

Module 02 Knowledge Check

Application Management

Identity Governance

Manage Device Access

Role-based Access Control

Solutions for External Access

Privileged Identity Management

Module 03 Knowledge Check

Threat Vectors And Data Breaches

Security Strategy & Principles

Microsoft Security Solutions

Secure Score

Module 04 Knowledge Check

Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

Office 365 ATP

Manage Safe Attachments

Manage Safe Links

Azure ATP

Microsoft Defender ATP

Module 05 Knowledge Check

Security Dashboard

Threat Investigation And Response

Azure Sentine

Advanced Threat Analytics

Module 06 Knowledge Check

Cloud App Security (CAS)

Cloud Application Security information

Module 07 Knowledge Check

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Deploy Mobile Device Services

Enroll Devices To MDM

Module 08 Knowledge Check

Information Protection Concepts

Governance and Records Management

Sensitivity Labels

Archiving in Microsoft 365

Retention in Microsoft 365

Retention policies in Microsoft 365

Archiving and retention in Exchange

In-place records management

Module 09 Knowledge Check

Information Rights Management (IRM)

Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extention (S-MIME)

Office 365 Message Encryption

Module 10 Knowledge Check

DLP Fundamentals

Create a DLP policy

Customize a DLP policy

Policy Tips

Module 11 Knowledge Check

Compliance Center

Module 12 Knowledge Check

Insider Risk

Privileged Access

Information Barriers

Module 13 Knowledge Check

Content Search

Advanced eDiscovery

Module 14 Knowledge Check

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Raj Bharath
Raj Bharath
4 months ago

Omg! One of the best tutorial ever. Every contents are crystal clear. I highly recommend this to everyone who is taking up the exam. I would say susanth is highly dedicated and this seems to be a mandatory tutorials if someone wants to achieve AZ-500.

4 months ago

With this package of videos, I had a good vision and undertanding of the security tools M365. After that I was able to make some practice’s labs and the result today is that I have my certification.
Thanks a lot for your work

4 months ago

The course covers end to end exam objectives and one of the most complete courses . Anyone pursuing for MS500 is a must to follow material . I got my certification couple of days ago and this was one of the core material I referred to prepare for it .

Vinoth Rajan
Vinoth Rajan
3 months ago

Thank u Susanth. I passed MS-500 exam yesterday. Your videos really helped me in passing the exam. Appreciate your efforts and please keep doing more videos. All the best.

1 month ago

The best crafted course and this helped me alot in exam and i have passed ms500 ane scored 830.
Any of you intrested please do take this course atleast 2x to understand and remmber the details.

What our Students Say

Thanks a mill for the series. Could you consider doing a similiar training series for MS-100 and MS-101? That would be a complete path to Microsoft 365 Administrator Expert :)

Aidan Shorts

Hi! Great stuff for learning. Thanks again for all your efforts on creating trining on MS-500 course.

Mitul Naroia

Your videos are awesome and helps me and I believe others soooo much. One request though.. is it possible to add captions to the videos? There are some words I am finding hard to hear.

Yusuf Husain

The information concise and this teaching is good use of time. Thankyou for this.


Thanks sushant!
Nice course on MS-500 and I request to you please create a playlist for sc-200 as well as we are unable find the material to prepare for exam

Anuj Kumar

Thank you Sushanth for your effort on creating all these exam learning courses including MS-500.

Sagar S

Thank you for this, so far I will highly recommend this course to those within my network. Done ✅ with this unto the next.


Very neat and nicely curated contents.. thank you

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