Exam MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

MS-900 exam is designed for candidates looking to demonstrate foundational-level knowledge on the considerations and benefits of adopting cloud services in general and the Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud model. Candidates should have knowledge of available options and benefits gained by implementing Microsoft 365 cloud service offerings.

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Introduction

M365 Fundamentals Exam Tips

Principles Of Cloud Computing

Microsoft Cloud Services

Migrating To Cloud Services

Module-1 Review Questions

Microsoft 365 Core Services

Deploying Win10 & Office 365 ProPlus

Unified Endpoint Management In M365

Teamwork in Microsoft 365

Module-2 Review Questions

Organizational Security Fundamentals

Security Features in Microsoft 365

Identity and Access Management

Device and Data Protection

Compliance in Microsoft 365

Module-3 Review Questions

Microsoft 365 Pricing and Support

Support in Microsoft 365

Module-4 Review Questions

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Artur Roza
Artur Roza
2 months ago

This course helped me a lot to pass my MS-900 exam. The instructor is very well prepared and I recommend it to everyone!

Paola Guevara
Paola Guevara
2 months ago

Great course! It’s really helpful and easy to understand, very well explained

2 months ago

Excellent tutorial.
These courses allowed me to quickly gain skills.
After a week of revision I successfully passed the basic MS 900

2 months ago

Next Step MS 500

Sahin Seyyar
Sahin Seyyar
2 months ago

Great tutor and excellent tutorials! Thanks to Susanth, everyone can access to the resources they need to tackle Microsoft certification exams for free. Great work, keep on going!

1 month ago

Hello! Can someone suggest exam tips (not to cheat) on how to effectively pass this exam and other exams. Like how to eliminate wrong answers to get to the right one. Ty

Clement GOBERT
1 month ago

Excellent courses ! The design of slides are great, clear and very comprehensive.
I passed my certification Yesterday and this course really helped me to feel more confident.
Thank you Susanth Sustheesh !

Sameer Arbee
Sameer Arbee
1 month ago

Hi I this ms-900 course really helped prepare for the exam . Looking forward to ms-101 soon

Bernard Mah
Bernard Mah
1 month ago

This course was excellent as it provided me an up to date on what I needed to know for MS-900 exam. I highly suggest looking at what Susanth has recorded as this is excellent resource.

5 days ago

I recently pass the MS-900 cert exam by using this course as main resource. It covers all exam topics in a concise manner.💯

Varaprasad Ravikanti
3 days ago

Great content and the best place for a novice to start the cloud journey. Really appreciate your efforts Susanth.

What our Students Say

Finally, I found a good course for AZ-900! Thank you!

Book Summary

Thanks for this, I am writting an exam tomorrow, will let you know how it goes.

Muhluri Joshua Shivambu

Thank you for the playlist on this. All the other videos either skipped over "basic" items or would ramble about things that were needed.


Thanks man, went through your videos before the exam today, together with some pre-exam tests. I passed 🙌

Frederik Andreasen

Your presentations and explanations are second to none! Please never stop doing exam prep courses!


Hi, thanks for these videos, it help me prepare for the exam.

Bong Rabara

one of the best sources on youtube to learn for MS900, much appreciated!

Alexandru Timis

Excellent content - website also very good - thank you for this.

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