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My mission is to help students wanting to learn Cloud technology by creating quality training content at no additional cost. I work as a Cloud Solutions Architect at Ingram Micro based in New Zealand.

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Yes, all of the courses and content are free to be used by everyone to help them attain their certifications.
If you can't find the study guide for the certification you are looking for, you can suggest this to me and I can look into adding this onto my roadmap.
I appreciate that you see value in the courses that I make and have no problem with you using these in your classes. In exchange, I would just like to request for any support you could provide to help sustain this website and to allow me to create more courses for free.
You can buy me a Ko-fi. Any support provided will be greatly appreciated and will be used to help sustain this website and to allow me to create more courses for free.
What Our Students Say

Thank God I found your channel. You make it so easy to understand and touch on every tiny points that needs to be understood.
i just passed my AZ900 in Sept...and now studying for AZ-104. Thank you!

Charity Olubunmi Adekoya

Thank you so so much for this Mr. Sushant. I have finished the video and moving on to the next.

Thanks for the demo and also your AAD / AAD Domain Service explanation was very clear and concise. I particularly got a better insight into JIT and clear PIM and MIM explanation.

Great content!


Thank you for providing free AZ-500 training. I was waiting for it, currently studying the az 104 for the exams, should be doing the exam soon.
Please, forgive me if I am asking for too much, but I hope, wish, and pray you will do Az 400 too someday soon.

Thank you again for a great job, you are heaven-sent!

Olusegun Joshua

Hi, I have noticed that some episodes offer automatic captioning in English, while others do not.

It would be interesting for all lessons to present this option because, for people who do not speak English natively, this option helps to assimilate the explanations.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge on DP900. It is the important preparation material for the exam!


Thank God I found your channel. You make it so easy to understand and touch on every tiny point that needs to be understood.

I just passed my AZ900 in Sept...and now studying for AZ-104. Thank you!

Charity Olubunmi Adekoya

I have seen many az-104 courses, all of them have been paid ones... what you do here is... AMAZING!

(I don't know how you are able to do what you do but please keep on doing it!) great design, you speak in an understandable way!

Thank you very much!


Nothing but respect for you!!!

I wish I could go and learn all these amazing series in a day.

The way you've explained everything is really really commendable. Thank you.

Abhishek Kumar Singh

Hello Susanth. I'd like to thank you for the AZ-104 learning series! Brilliant!

I have a PluralSight subscription and to my amazement, they do not offer the AZ-104. You should reach out to them and request to become a PluralSight trainer :)

Aydin Hussain

Hi Susanth, let me say thanks first for this amazing series. Very well done, so much great content and wonderful presentation.

A lot of work must have gone into this and I really appreciate it. I'm not going to post this in every video, but I wanted at least to say it once.

Kudos and my hat is off to you!


Thank you for putting this MS-700 cert training together!

I'm planning on taking this exam very soon so great to have these videos to help.

Skye Nguyen

Hello Sushant...Thank you for the wonderful learning material...this helped me a lot in clearing the MS-700 exam.

A Guide To Cloud videos + Microsoft learning+ exam topics dumps = cleared the exam with 888 marks... Thank you so much!!!

Chandana Sasi

Today completed ms 900 now starting with MS 700 millions of thanks for the knowledge video 🙂

I am a Level 1 support Engineer in Infosys,  your videos giving me full interest to move forward. Thank you! 

Amit Kamble

I went through all 61 videos of the AZ-900 training series and everything was very clear and on point.

So thank you so much Susanth for this free training and thank u for spending your time to share your knowledge with us!

Chamodi Karunathunge

I’d like to thank Susanth Sutheesh and A Guide To Cloud for delivering these insightful learning materials.
These ones are useful for me to have better preparation to clear the exam, as one of the toughest exams I’ve ever had.
But the most important is thanks for providing and democratizing this learning platform to everyone for free! Please keep it up!

Irwan Prabowo

Thank you so much for bringing this course on youtube for free. I passed my exam with 920 score.
I went through your full course and practiced exam questions from skillcertpro. I didn't refer to any other material other than these two. Both equally helped me in getting a good score.
Looking forward to AZ-500 :)

Arbindho Nayak

So Why AM I here? Just to tell you that you are a must-have teacher in everyone's life!! And I wait for your videos.
One more thing. I know I am expecting too much, but can we see some AWS and GCP too. I want to so badly recommend your videos to everyone including people liven in Antarctica (i hope they are on the cloud there).
Keeping things aside, CORONA and LinkedIn helped me find you and finally your channel. Loads of respect, support, love and a straight salute!! God blesses :) 

Aashish Abraham

I'm more of a Linux person, recently started using Microsoft products. I'm part of the Cloud IT Infrastructure management, this was a much-needed course to explore the Microsoft SaaS approach.

One month ago I cleared the Az-104 exam, Now preparing for MS 900. It was a great journey of learning with you. After this next goal is Azure architect, if you have any study guide you can share it. Once again thank you so much.❤️❤️

Ajinkya Bhabal

Hey man, really appreciate all the videos!
They were great to watch, you went over the material really well and the Q & A at the end of each module really makes you think about the material you explained throughout the videos.
Keep it up, this will definitely help me for my exam, thank you a lot :)

Jeen Roorda

Finally, some amazing content that explains the Q&A! Keep up the great work, MS-900 next week and then the AZ-900!


THANKS for all the videos! I love it, I have clear so much doubts in the previous videos and will keep watching!

Fabiola Zamora

Great content, well structured, and very well presented sir. Your accent is easily understandable and there is nothing to change about it.
You are doing a great job and providing excellent service. Thank you for what you do. 

Omar Berrada

Love your video lesson, makes it so much easier for me to focus compared to reading. Excellent explanation, relevant examples, and clear pronunciation. Thank you!

Christopher Tang

I passed the MS-900 exam the first time and your videos were part of my study material, just wanted to say thanks for your work! 

And I sat and passed the MS-700 this evening and I couldn't have done it without your guide! Do you have any plans to do courses for MD-100 & MD-101? I'm looking to get the Modern Desktop Administrator Associate qualification next, so that would be a huge help.

I just wanted to say thanks again for this video series!

Simon Edwards

Just want to say thank you for making these videos, I've watched each one of your videos and they have been super helpful.
I have my MS-900 exam on Tuesday so fingers crossed I'll pass 😊

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