Exam AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

AZ-400 exam candidates must be familiar with both Azure administration and development and must be an expert in at least one of these areas. Candidates for this exam should have subject matter expertise working with people, processes, and technologies to continuously deliver business value.

Microsoft DevOps Solutions Course Introduction

What is DevOps?

DevOps Transformation Planning

DevOps Project Selection

DevOps Team Structures

What can Azure DevOps do?

Migrating to Azure DevOps

Module 01 Knowledge Check

What is Source Control

Types of Source Control Systems

Why Git?

Introduction to Azure Repos & GitHub

Migrating from TFVC to Git

Module 02 Knowledge Check

How to Structure Your Git Repo?

Git Branching Workflows

Why Care About GitHooks

Fostering Inner Source

Module 03 Knowledge Check

Packaging Dependencies

Package Management

Module 04 Knowledge Check

DevOps Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines

Microsoft vs Self-Hosted Agents

Pipelines and Concurrency

Azure DevOps and Open Source projects

Azure Pipelines YAML vs Visual Designer

Continuous Integration Overview

Implementing a Build Strategy

Integration with Azure Pipelines

Set Up Private Agents

Module 05 Knowledge Check

Introduction to DevOps Security

Application Configuration Data

Manage Secrets, Tokens, & Certificates

Module 06 Knowledge Check

Code Quality and Security Policies

Module 07 Knowledge Check

Container Build Strategy

Module 08 Knowledge Check

Design a Release Strategy

Module 09 Knowledge Check

3rd Party IaC Tools with Azure

Module 10 Knowledge Check

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4 months ago

can you please prepare a detailed video on Azure Sentinel

Narendra Varma
Narendra Varma
3 months ago

Nicely curated topics by Susanth, one of the best Azure Trainer ever. Highly recommended

Soubhagya Sahu
3 months ago

Thank you for the awesome learning videos, I just passed the AZ 400, the videos are really very helpful to cover up the courses.

Jeen Roorda
Jeen Roorda
2 months ago

This course was great to follow it gave a great overview of everything to expect and the concepts were explained well.
I personally used this course as my first learning material together with another course and Microsoft Learn, however the information given in this course has definitely helped me during the exam.

Susanth, like always thank you! Keep it up with the great content.

What our Students Say

Please make a course on the speciality certs. Especially the IoT one. There is no such resources on it. (Apart from what's on the docs page of MS)

Sarthak Mohanty

Thanks for sharing wonderful subject on DevOps!! Is it possible to get total classes in one, concept-wise?

Balan A

Very good explanation on the DevOps concepts in AZ-400 trianing.

This is the first time I hear about Greenfield and Brownfield explanation in understandable term.

Kalyan Sarkar

Much awaited course..Thank you so much for posting AZ-400 free training!


Thank you for your help, wonderfully done course

Marwan King

Excellent content sushanth...simple, crystal clear than premium course I have bought

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